Baking away

Well, I've gotten to use my new bread machine twice now. Seems like it works pretty well. I made one loaf of cranberry-orange bread (which no one in the family likes but me...good! :D) which would have probably been easier in the oven. Today I made a loaf of French bread (without the nice shape...guess I could always let the machine do all of the hard work and then just bake the bread in the oven). The boys should be happy because I made the loaf white. I plan to start experimenting with how much whole wheat flour or other grains I can add/substitute, though, and see how the bread turns out.

I told Jeff today that we could even take the bread machine on some camping trips. It can double as an oven, which would be nice for those days you don't care to cook over a fire or want to make something that needs to be baked (I haven't yet attempted to master the art of baking in a Dutch oven). We could also take the crock pot occasionally...just adding another option for cooking. It is appealing to think of coming "home" and having dinner ready and waiting. We burn a lot of daylight when we're camping and end up eating in the dark often.

Camping is definitely on my mind because we're hoping to take our first trip of the year this coming weekend. We're kind of keeping an eye on the weather, but the temperature has been 50's during the day, so we should be OK. I'm so excited! I really miss camping. And, miracle of miracles, Daniel is even willing to miss play practice to go with it might be a whole family event. :)

Besides the weather, it may also depend on how Jacob is feeling. He's had a bit of a runny nose, but tonight his breathing has sounded really wheezy and more labored. He doesn't have asthma, but we battled RSV for a couple of years running. I think last winter (not this past one, but the year before) was the first one he wasn't using an inhaler when he got bad. Keep your fingers crossed that he wakes up feeling good tomorrow.


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