Family day

It's been a little frustrating lately trying to get in any family time. Daniel has been really busy between the two plays he's working on right now (crew on one, in the other) as well as hanging out with friends. Of course, since his dad lives out of town, the boys don't do all of the school/social things on HIS time.

We did manage to cram in some time today, though. Drove over to Lone Elk Park in St. Louis County. It's a neat little park with elk and bison roaming free (well, free inside the fenced perimeter of the park), as well as lots of littler critters. It's kind of a nasty day--rain off and on--but we drove through the park and saw quite a few bison and elk. There was a covered picnic shelter, so we ate there and then checked out the birds at the World Bird Sanctuary. Would have liked to stay a little longer to hike, but Daniel had practice at 3:30. Made it just in time.


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