Busy day, today. Church, then an Easter egg hunt. I would typically not take Jacob because I hate Easter egg hunts, Halloween parades, basically any time hordes of kids are jostling around trying to grab every last bit of candy they can snatch out from under someone else's grasp. You know, everything we've taught our kids NOT to do. Jeff's mom always took them to that kind of thing though, so I relented. It wasn't too bad. Not that many kids. Jacob's group was ages 2-4, so I guess he had an advantage. His cousin, Alex (also 4), refused to hunt for eggs at all. Jacob was all about hunting, but he would only pick up the blue eggs and one polka-dot one. He ran past all kinds of pink, green, and yellows! :D He ended up with about 5 eggs, but he was happy. So was I, really. I don't like for him to have all that much candy anyway.

After the egg hunt, we went out for Chinese for lunch. Should have just gone straight home. Jacob was past his nap, and he was awful. Improved a bit once I hissed that he would lose his movies and basically everything else for the next week. Ah, yes, mother-of-the-year...that's me. We've been cautiously thinking that he was over that horrible phase he's been in, but this was a little relapse. Our fault, though, taking him out when he needed to be sleeping.

Put the monster child to bed for a nap when we got home, and all I wanted was a nap, but I decided to go and dig in the garden first. I'm trying to get it turned over because it looks like we're finally past the truly cold weather. (And the damn weatherman misled us...this would have been a perfect weekend for camping!) We threw a lot of the fall leaves in the garden (it's fenced) last year, so I had to dig them into the ground. Had a nice oregano from last year already has a good start. That started me hoping for the basil, too, but no such luck. I got the entire garden dug up and then got ambitious and decided to dig in the compost, too.

Ugh! We just use a trash barrel right now. Not at all ideal. I had to dump the whole thing, shovel the compost that was ready into the wheelbarrow, shovel the rest back into the barrel, and then wheel the good compost to the garden. By the time I was done with all of that, I was wiped out. Started a loaf of multigrain bread for Jeff's lunches this week and sat down with the newspaper.

Two and a half days of school this week...I'm really ready for Spring break. We're discussing going camping and just coming home Sun. morning for Easter. We'll see. Either way, come on, Wednesday afternoon!


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