My three sons

Well, found out today that Jacob doesn't have diabetes. It's been an ongoing concern of mine for a variety of reasons. Anyway, got him into the dr. and he came out all clear. His reaction: "Yea! Now I can have sugar stuff!" (we cut waayyy back on anything real sugary or simple carb until finding out). Sadly for him, that's not the case. While I was (thankfully) wrong about the diabetes, it has given me the opportunity to really improve what he eats. Before, he was eating a lot more sugary cereals, pop-tarts, and soda/juice drinks than I really felt good about. Now I feel a lot better about what he's eating, and while I'll relax a little, it won't be a whole lot.

Otherwise, not too much exciting going on. Waiting to pick Daniel up from a party. It's breaking his heart that he's getting picked up at 11:00. I think that's late enough for a freshman...especially when I'm the one dragging my butt out to get him (though it's Jeff often enough). He and his friend tried a little end run around us. When I was taking them home from something last weekend or so, the friend (Dan) said that his mom was considering letting him stay out until 11:30 instead of the 11:00 that we'd both asigned before. Daniel (my Daniel) says, "Oh, I hope she does because my mom'll do whatever your mom does." Hmmm.

Well, I was talking to Dan's mom the other day and asked about this. She said that her Dan had been talking 11:30 and she didn't say a whole lot because my Daniel was claiming that I was letting him stay out until midnight and she didn't want to embarass her son. Um, my Daniel is delusional if he thinks he's staying out that late at this point. Once she and I talked, we were both perfectly happy with 11, much to our sons' chagrin.

Nathan is gone at a leadership camp this weekend. His girlfriend (notice how I was able to refrain from putting "girlfriend" in quotes up there but can't quite avoid mentioning how I wanted to?) is also going, so I'm sure he's happy about that. Ah, the girlfriend. They are, according to their myspace names, "in love". At 13. (What's scary is that I have friends from high school who married the guys they dated all through high school...and Nathan will be in H.S. next year) I got a little reassurance that I don't have too much to worry about just yet, though.

On Monday, I took Nathan to get his hair cut. When we walked in and sat down, a girl a few seats over looked at Nathan with surprised recognition but never said anything. A couple of times it seemed like she was looking over our way, so when she and her mom got up to sign in, I asked Nathan if he knew her. "That's [the girlfriend]!" So they sat, a few seats apart, for probably 15 minutes while waiting to get their haircuts, and never said a word to each other. Kind of cute, really.


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