Spring break!

Daniel and Nathan have been on their Spring Break since last Friday, and mine is finally here. It had a rousing start. Our neighborhood lost power just as I walked in the door last night due to a downed line around the corner. A house caught fire when the transformer behind it blew, so we had 3 fire trucks, 2 rescue trucks, several police cars, and countless rubberneckers (us included) on the street. We got power back a little after midnight. That's much better than waiting 5 days for power like we did last year. Ugh!

Nathan went to school with me yesterday. He's been awfully bored at home, and I was able to put him to good use at school. My kids love it when the big kids come. I'm sure it's an ego boost. Despite being the day before a 5-day break and doing some out-of-the-ordinary things, they were really good. It's nice to have a day where it's not constant work work work.

We also got to color eggs last night. Luckily, Jeff had boiled them before the power went out, and we had light for long enough to get them all decorated. After that, we went to the Bread Co. for dinner and then did baths by candlelight. We still have a big box of candles from our wedding reception, so we had a nice reminder of our wedding along with some light...and the house smelled good. :D Jeff, Daniel, and I played cards by candlelight and then went to bed.

Somehow, with no power, no one got around to doing any picking up, so I'll be spending a good portion of the day cleaning house. I guess it's a good day for it; Jacob's Easter party was today, so he's at school and I'm free to get something done. Fun, fun...but it'll be worth it to have the house not so messy.


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