Nice weather!!

Ah...ever notice how even a touch of spring is enough to keep you going? That was this weekend. Saturday's temps were in the 60's and today we hit high 70's. Wonderful...even if we do have a winter storm forecast for tomorrow night!

We spent part of the day at the zoo...along with most of the population of St. Louis and the surrounding areas. It took us as long to get from the exit to the zoo as it did all the way from Illinois to the zoo exit. No worries there, though, because it gave me a chance to finish my book (Cormac McCarthy's The Road, not a favorite of mine but an interesting read) today.

Otherwise, I'm basically being driven crazy by my family. I've been fighting a fairly minor cold; it's nothing too bad, just makes me feel lousy. The boys, of course, can't get along, and Jacob is irritated (loudly) by anything and everything. Jeff is crabby because his mouth has really been hurting since having a tooth pulled last week...and I am not all that supportive, I guess. I really need to focus on making him feel better rather than on how annoyed I am about how crabby he is. He would do that for me. Why is it so much easier to realize that than to do it???


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