Feeling happy

It was a good weekend. Friday all we did was watch a movie with Jacob (but it wasn't Scooby Doo--his current obsession--so that was good).

Saturday we did some shopping (Wal-Mart, Goodwill...very fancy. :D). I was really pleased, though, because I finally found a bread machine WITH directions at Goodwill. Since I sold my previous bread machine for practically nothing at a yard sale several years ago, I couldn't make myself buy a new one. This one looks barely used, though, so hopefully it works as well as it looks. We're trying to eat more whole grain bread products, and with bread forecast to keep going up in price, I though it was worth the trouble to pick up a bread machine again.

My MIL watched Jacob Saturday afternoon so that Jeff and I could go see Fools Gold (predictable, but cute and enjoyable). After the movie, we came home and straightened up because we were having friends over. We played some games and had some drinks. It was a great time. Jacob felt a little left out, though. "Mommy, do you want to come watch with me?" (For whatever reason, he's on a big Mommy kick lately. Doesn't want as much to do with Jeff. Funny...a couple of months ago it was just the opposite. Kids keep you humble, for sure!)

Today the weather was in the 50's and very nice in the sun, so we went hiking at Marquette Park. Berkeley loved it...he's been so cooped up with the cold weather. Jacob had a great time, too, stopping at every stick he saw. It definitely wasn't a quick hike. We took along a plastic grocery bag and filled it with trash from the trail. I'm hoping that, by seeing us pick up after others and hearing us talk about how important it is to keep the parks nice, our kids will be better stewards. Our recycling bin is now overflowing between our normal recycling, all the beer bottles from Saturday night, and the cans and bottles we picked up hiking!

Have to toot our horn there a little. Our family of 5 has one bag of trash in the trash can for the past week. That's about what we use each week. Of course, a little of our virtuousness is offset by all of the water and energy we use washing Jacob's sheets every day because we don't use Pull-Ups!

That's about it. Spent a ton at the grocery store tonight, but hopefully we won't have to do MUCH shopping in the next couple of weeks.


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