I got up this morning at 5:10 to ride my bike. Daniel spent the night at a friend's house, and Nathan had volleyball camp at 8:30, so my babysitters were gone during my normal bike ride time. If I didn't get up and ride before Nathan left, I wouldn't have been able to. Also, I figured it was good practice for when school starts again.

I am not good at getting up, but I had an online friend who was also getting up, so I felt like I was accountable to someone...even if the someone is 4 hours away. It was pretty dark at 5:10, but by 5:30 it was light enough to ride. Boy, was it chilly!! I tried pushing myself some after warming up, attempting to ride for 5-minute increments at or about 16 mph. The first increment, I held out for 4 minutes. The second one I managed 3 minutes. I felt, for the most part, like I was riding in jello. Maybe I was pushing too hard after pushing myself so hard on Saturday.

My stats for the ride most certainly weren't very important...but I saw a fox on the bike trail!! Not 1.5 miles from my house, basically in the center of town. Very cool!

Distance: 17.025
Avg. speed: 12.3 mph
Max. speed: 21.2
Time: 1:22:52
Calories: 619.9


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