Bike log 7/9/09

Today Daniel and I took a ride in preparation for Saturday's Tour de Donut. In case I haven't posted this yet (I think I only did on facebook, so I apologize if I already put it here), here's a video that gives you a hint of what we're in for...

We're doing this ride together because he was annoyed that I wasn't taking him with me on the Katy Trail (and never was too lovely to only be responsible for myself!), so I offered to do this ride with him instead. Unfortunately, he hasn't been too motivated to train. He did manage to drag himself out with me today, though, and it was a nice ride.

It's nice to ride with someone else again. I'm once again getting accustomed to the solo rides, but company makes it more enjoyeable. We actually got a chance to talk, something that can be in short supply with the busy schedules of teenagers. And having a partner makes it easier to ride faster...and to be dragged back as well. He was definitely struggling by the end of the ride, but he hung in there. He wasn't at all happy with me because I told him that we were going to ride a 22-mile loop, but it was actually 26 miles of riding (time to and from the loop)...I had told him that before, but it didn't really register.

Distance: 26.541 mi
Time: 2:02:18
Avg. Speed: 13.0 mph
Max. Speed: 20.1 mph
Calories: 1038.7


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