Distance: 14.229 mi
Time: 1:07:33
Avg. Speed: 12.7 mph
Max. Speed: 20.7 mph
Calories: 527.6


  1. Kate,

    Thanks for taking a moment to stop by my blog and share such encouraging words about my devotional! I prayed for Him to take it and use it, and your e-mail shows me answer to my prayer!!

    Hope you are really enjoying your biking journey. I admire you!! I love to ride my bike, but I don't ride far. My husband and son enjoy mountain biking, and I am trying to learn.

    Blessings to you,


  2. Kate,

    Catching up on my blog friends lives now that I have my laptop back and the freedom to do so.

    I must say again that you amaze & inspire me! 100 mile bike ride?!?!? WOW! Congratulations on such huge goals. Congratulations on attaining those huge goals. Congratulations for your perseverance and for keeping your eye on the goal! You're a hero in my eyes!! =)



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