Bike log 7/2/09

I did not want to ride my bike today. The first thing I thought this morning was how little motivation I had. But...Jacob had vacation Bible school for 4 hours, and I hate to "waste" that time apart by not doing something out of the house. After some hemming and hawing, I went.

Every time I do this (drag my complaining self out of the house to ride), I'm glad. Once I got on the trails and started pedaling, it felt great. Of course, it helps that today was a beautiful day--gorgeous!!--but it just felt good to be outside and riding.

Distance: 16.08 miles
Time: 1:14:04
Avg. speed: 13 mph (an increase...would have been more if I hadn't spent some time texting while I rode...also, the last portion of the ride home always kicks my butt)
Max. speed: 24.1 mph (after a hill, but I kept it up for a while :D)
Calories: 625

Once again, I felt pretty good on the hills. I felt pretty strong overall today. And, while the scale doesn't show it, I think my body has definitely tightened up. I won't be modelling swimsuits any time soon, but wearing one won't be as painful.


  1. Wow--I am still impressed with your rides! That is truly incredible!


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