Bike log 7/1/09

Distance: 24.135
Max. speed: 21.4 mph
Avg. speed: 12.3 mph
Time: 1:58:02
Calories: 855

Notes: Went 15 miles out on bike trails, rode home along the road. Lots of hills on the way back. I'm getting a little bored with same old bike trails, so this was a nice change. Well, maybe "challenging" is a better word than "nice". I was so close to getting off and walking up the first hill, but I did better on the remaining ones.

I'm dragging a little this week. I'm missing having company on my rides, and I'm kind of goal-oriented with the donut race and the century coming up. After the donut race, I'm going back to just riding because I enjoy it. I think my focus on getting faster (which, frankly, isn't happening) is taking away some of my enjoyment of just being out and doing it.


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