I have some bike rides planned through October. I had seen something about the Ride the Rivers century ride, which looks to be cool and isn't far from me. I thought a century would be a neat accomplishment and something to keep working towards. Waiting til October gives me more time to prepare for it, but it also gives me plenty of time to backslide. Knowing myself, I know that I need closer goals to work towards as well. So...

August 22 I'm riding 60 miles.

Sept. 26 I think I'm doing this 75 mile ride.

That should put me in good shape to ride 100 miles on October 11. I hope.

I think I've managed to drag one friend into the 60 mile ride, and I'm working on several for the century. The cool thing, though, is that I'm meeting new people, too, as I do different rides. I'm loving this cycling thing. :)


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