My MIL was kind enough to watch Junior so that I could go in to work for a while. Once July 4 hits, I start mourning the end of summer vacation...even though it's only half over. As you can imagine, I get little sympathy from my husband who has 2 weeks of vacation a year! I've found that, if I actually start doing things to prepare for the new school year, I start to feel excited rather than upset about it.

So yesterday, I accomplished an important first step in the process of getting ready for school: I stood in my classroom and stared at the walls. Hold your applause, because that's not all! I also deleted all the junk email I received over the summer and looked through a couple of files. Glad I got that over with. Next time I go in, hopefully I can accomplish something.


It wasn't all pointless staring, though. Some ideas for rearranging my classroom are percolating. If I hadn't gotten there as the custodians were leaving, lots of furniture would have been moved. Next time...

My goals for the rest of the summer are to get things set up (of course), clear off my classroom website and get it ready for the new year, go through all of my files and materials and weed out extra papers and hopefully find things I can use before it's time to use them instead of after (as usual). At the end of the school year I rearranged how I store my books and put them into groups by unit and season...normally once December hits and things get crazy busy, the same books sit in my independent choice shelves and most of them languish in their cabinets. This way hopefully I'll have a better rotation going.

Also ran 3.56 (yes, I want credit for every hundredth) miles yesterday. I was scheduled for 2 easy miles, but I needed to tack on some extra. I'm scheduled for 6 on Saturday, but I'm signed up for a cross-country 5K, so I decided to make up the extra miles on my other workouts this week. I guess it's not the same bc I'm not running for such an extended period of time, but at least I'm getting the miles in.

Weekly stats:

Bike: 12.44 mi
Run: 3.56 mi
Swim: 0
Gym: 0


  1. My sister was a school teacher. She was the same way each Summer. Keep running! Have fun!

  2. Look how great that room looks (high fives!) Now get outta there and keep playing summer vacation!


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