Wish you were here

We're visiting friends in Wisconsin while Jocko is participating in volleyball camp at UW-Oshkosh. Pictures to come after we get home. Jr. is having a blast jumping on the trampoline, hiking, and swimming. Here's the postcard he filled out for his dad.


We've been to Lake Michigan (cold!). Of course, the water is always cold, but it doesn't help when the temperature is about 74 outside and breezy!

Today we went hiking at a local nature preserve. I'm so jealous! If we had a trail like it nearby, I'd trail run regularly...and be in good hill-running shape, because it has some mighty steep parts. But it was wide and even, so I wouldn't have to worry for my ankles. Here's a lousy cell phone picture of Jr hiking it. Hopefully my camera pictures turn out better.



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