Wednesday tempo run

My motivation was sadly lacking yesterday morning when my alarm went off. I stayed in bed, doing some serious plea bargaining with myself. Screw it...I'll run later. I'll run tonight. I'm tired. I'm staying in bed. So, capitulation decided and snooze button depressed, of course I had to get up and go to the bathroom. Still committed to getting back in bed, I hear my alarm go off again and then these words: "Heat warning today in effect until 9:00 tonight. It's already 81 degrees."

Til 9:00? Crud. I didn't want to be running 5 miles in the dark. Morning run it was. 81 degrees and 150% humidity is plenty bad enough for me. I love St. Louis weather.

Motivation: 0
Heat warning: 1

Literally as I was picking up my phone and water to head out the door, my brother sent me a text: "Running today?" So he ended up running with me. Cappy and I have a short and tumultuous history of running together, consisting of about 4 runs. The first was about 13 years ago when we decided to go out for a little run together. He was in shape to run 7 minute miles. I was a fat, depressed two-time mommy who hadn't run since high school basketball ended. I made it maybe a block and wanted to walk; he began channelling a drill instructor. I think maybe I had some choice words for him and then walked home.

Fast forward 13 years. We did a 3 mile run together earlier in the summer, and he ran in the USO mud run with me (if by "with me" you mean "beat me by 5 minutes"). And yesterday's 5 miles. What a difference 13 years and C25K make! He was going at my pace and uber-thankful when I stopped so he didn't have to ask to. :) (Now, lest I sound too cocky here, let me just admit that in two weeks of working out, he could easily kick my butt...and even yesterday, if it was an actual race, would've pulled out something and easily beaten me. But still.)

We both used the GPS functions of our phones to track the run. Mine showed 5.27 miles with a couple of holes in coverage (damn you, trailguru app); his showed 5.58. So we're going with his.

5.58 miles, 51:37. 9:15 pace. If I can bring my pace to about 9 minute miles, that would have me finishing the HM in under 2 hours.

The tempo run was a 1-mile warmup at 10:55, 3 miles at 9:18, and a 1-mile cooldown at 10:55. The splits I got, which are highly suspect since I'm missing a quarter mile of the run, go like this.

Yeah...oops on those last two miles. Not pretty. We were on the upslope portion of the run and dragging. But then again, maybe those last two miles were where my coverage was bad and we actually ran more than a mile there. Yeah...yeah...that sounds better! :)


  1. That is awesome in the summer heat and humidity! And it is always so nice to find someone you can run with.


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