Thursday Things

Ahhh, rest day!
We took two trips to the park today! First was to the dog park, which happens to be attached to a people park. We had planned to let our dog go wild and then J. could play on the playground afterwards. Instead, we showed up to a taped-off playground. I guess they're redoing the surface. Anyway, we let the dog run around, played hide-and-seek with the dog (not much success), and then some hide-and-seek tag just J. and me. Also didn't go well, since I was wearing flip-flops and not much on the running after him part.

Back home, quick snack, puttering around, and then we went to another local park. It has a great big playground but is an older park and has those metal slides. Today's temperatures were 98+ at that time, so no slides for us. We climbed around for a while.


I was playing around with this new photo app for my iPhone (Hipstamatic).

N. and his friend joined us there for a while. They were wanting to hang out but we have a rule that there are no friends in the house without an adult home, so they won the booby prize got to go to the playground with us. We played some hide & go seek tag.


Running for base

On base

Wonder of wonders, I lost. The older kids left for an orthodontist appointment, and J. and I headed off to the pool. Today was made for swimming! Usually I'm good for about 1 hour of one-on-one pool time with J., but today we were there for over an hour and a half. The water felt great!

I actually had tentatively planned (that's as "planned" as anything gets during the summers here!) to ride my bike tonight, but I didn't get around to eating well today and wasn't feeling great even after supper. Instead, this evening (like most of the day) was all about the kid.

We drew with sidewalk chalk... photo.JPG

photo.JPGCreated masterpieces photo.JPG

These are our "new" Pokemon. His attacked mine, so mine attacked his. Of course, we were drawing the attacks with chalk. Somehow my Pokemon ended up enveloped in a cloud of...well, it wouldn't smell too good! I drew a new attack, and he scratched it out and wrote "Coboom" above it. Too cute! Later, he wrote, "Coooooooooboom" and then "Ow" by my drawing.

So I responded by giving his a speech bubble saying, "I'm dead." He sounded it out, then inserted "not". This little episode marks the sum total of our writing / spelling practice this summer.

We finished our evening with a family game of cards. Even the big brothers joined in a rousing game of Bakugan cards (soooo not my first choice).

Deep concentration


No family game would be complete without someone pouting!

Two hands of Bakugan was about all I could take, so I bribed the boy with ice cream and stories.
Hopefully tomorrow I get on the bike...and maybe get to swim a couple (all I'm up for at this point) laps at the pool. I can't do that unless one of the older boys comes to the pool with us. D. went with us last night, but I tried three separate times to swim a lap and every time was repeatedly blocked by kids and adults playing in the (nearly empty) pool. Obviously it wasn't going to be the night for it!


  1. Yay for the hipstamatic! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your great comments! I always wonder if anyone is actually reading my posts.... ;-) Have a great weekend!


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