(Partial) Family Ride

After taking Junior to a swimming party today, I was very torn. Bike ride? Or hit the gym? The weather was great for a bike ride, but the gym was calling me because I just bought a new book and wanted to do some reading while on the elliptical. I mentioned to my husband that I wished I had someone to ride with, and he offered to go with me.

Surprise!!! 4/365
My husband is a lovely man, and a very athletic guy at one point, but he's no kind of bike rider anymore. No interest whatsoever. "It hurts my butt. It hurts my neck. My bike's too short." Etc. So of course I took him up on it.
Next hurdle: Junior didn't want to stay with his brothers. He can't yet ride his bike without training wheels and can't keep up with training wheels for 10 miles (the ride I was planning), so we offered to let him ride in the bike trailer. It's way too small for him, so we figured he'd turn us down. Nope.

Poor guy...he was regretting the decision about 4 miles into the ride. He was really cramped. (He wasn't crying; the sun was just in his eyes.)

I bike more, plus my bike is lighter than Jeff's and a hybrid rather than a mountain bike, so I towed Junior. It was no picnic pulling my 60 pound kid! I definitely got a leg workout tonight. :)

It's a pretty trail. Two legs of it are nicely paved...it's like riding on the road, only no vehicular traffic. One leg is less smooth, but it had this stretch of prairie restoration along part of it. Since Junior and I have read a couple of books lately that were set on the prairie, I was excited to get to point it out to him (and you).


We rode a little over 12 miles in an hour and 20 minutes, and after the first couple miles there was little whimpering from my husband, so hopefully I can get him out with me again this summer. It'll be difficult to get him signed onto a cross-country bike trip if I can't get him to ride cross-town.


When we got back to our street, I tried to race my husband back home, but he pretty handily kicked my butt. Maybe it was just the trailer, but Hamlet has also beaten me easily when I wasn't towing...so maybe it's just me.

Weekly stats:
Bike: 12.44 (1:20)
Run: 0
Swim: 0
Strength: 0


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