Rest day

Today is all about resting. What is it about committing to a rest day that makes me want to get out and do something? :) I know that I could go to the gym--and maybe should--but today is also my mom's birthday, and I also committed to making lasagna and cake for her birthday dinner tonight. Since I need to make a trip to the grocery store and then food for 14-20 people, the best I can hope for is time for the pool with Junior later.

Bob and Theresa
Happy birthday, Mom!

I'm feeling a little crabby hangover from yesterday with a shot of annoyed this morning to top it off. It was mostly a good day. I got up and ran my scheduled 2 miles for HM training. Actually, I officially ran .3 miles with an additional 2.64 miles. I started off running, but my iPhone kept freaking out the way it has since Saturday's accidental dousing with water. Oops.

Everything on the phone works fine except for the iPod function. If something has to be screwed up, I guess that's the part I'd choose, but it still stinks. A song would start playing, and then voice control would come up and pause the song. If I had anything on my contacts list or playlist called (sound of heavy breathing), I'd have heard it for the whole run. Then voice control would go away and the song would continue. And fast forward. And skip to another song. And skip to another song. And fast forward. You get the picture. It was like watching TV with the most sadistic channel surfer ever.

So at .3 miles I stopped and tried to find something to shut off voice control (which I never use anyway). Couldn't figure it out, so I gave up and started running again. Every once in a while, I'd get an intact song, and during the last mile or so it finally started behaving and playing nicely. I kept a nice easy pace and finished in 26 minutes for a 10:11 pace.

I had lunch planned with some friends from work (it's nice that my aides like me enough that they want to spend time with me in the summer when they aren't paid to. :D And vice versa), so I left Little J with N and headed off to lunch. I hadn't gotten for when N called and said my MIL had called to see if Little J wanted to come play with his cousins for the afternoon. Free afternoon! Score!!

After lunch I was pondering what to do next...I need to clean, but I had the afternoon free for a nice, long bike ride. What to do, what to do? I decided on neither. I stopped by our local bike shop. I've been looking and looking on craigslist (my own person boulevard of broken dreams) for a good road bike, and the ones that are reasonably priced are snapped up within seconds. I thought it was time to start looking at bike shops and getting information. It was just depressing. I could maybe come up with $500 right now, after saving since April (remind me again why I had kids?), and I easily need twice that. I don't want to spend $500 to buy a bike that isn't going to make me happy. Ugh...I hate waiting.

After that little visit, I was too bummed to go ride, so I came home, ate some cookie dough, and paid bills. The bill paying actually cheered me up. I paid everything (and by "paid" I mean "paid on" rather than "paid off"...but still...) and had a lot of money left over. I felt like the people must have at the miracle of the loaves and fishes (why is it "fishes" and not "fish"?). Now, before you get excited and say (like I did), "Kate, now you can go buy that fabulous road bike of your dreams!!" keep in mind that I still have to register 3 kids for school, buy groceries, and get us on the road to Wisconsin before we're paid again. But still. This is uncharted territory and a very welcome return for the Summer of Not Doing Much of Anything.

When Big J got home from work, he was a little cranky, so I decided this was an opportune time to take a ride. Of course, by that time I had less than an hour, but I still managed to fit in 9 miles (14 mph pace overall, but that included the in-town portions. My trail pace was around 17 mph), get in a good hard ride, and be home in time to shower and leave for a family birthday party.

Pere Marquette beach (I think)
Happy birthday, Josh!

Weekly stats:

Bike: 45 miles
Run: 2.9 miles


  1. Thanks for the Bills reminder - maybe?

    Cake and Italian - you can make my next Birthday eats!


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