First speedwork workout and mile PR!

I, uh, volunteered my older boys to "volunteer" this morning working at a local charity. Once I overcame some resistance from Hamlet with a combination of reason, guilt, and "I said so", I realized that by sending them off I was also sending off the babysitters I needed to watch Junior while I ran this morning. Oops.

So I set the alarm for 6:40 ('s summer...that shouldn't be happening) and wonder of wonders even after a late night woke up at 6:20. And by "woke up" I mean was awake: alert and ready to go. So what did I do? Yeah, I laid there for about 20 minutes...but still, I was up when the alarm went off and actually went running as planned.

I'm still following the Runner's World/Smart Coach plan I have (I love having a plan! I love being able to check off each workout. I love having someone tell me what to do...bc I have no clue on my own.), and today's workout was my first speedwork session. My mission (should I choose to accept it) was 5 miles: 1 slow mile warmup; 2x1600 in 8:47 w/800 jogs; 1 slow mile cooldown.

It was a beautiful morning and not overly hot...still in the high 70's, but humid. I had the track all to myself at the beginning, and later on one woman walked as I ran. I also got to watch quite a few people walk and bike past on the bike trail that's just past the track. I love our bike trails...there's always someone out there! Anyway...the workout.

Warmup mile: 10:20
Speed mile: 7:38***
(1/2 mile recovery jog): 5:57
Speed mile: 8:02**
1/2 mile recovery jog: 5:44
Cooldown mile: 10:53

Let's take a moment to look back at those asterisk-ed miles. 7:38 and 8:02!! After running for a mile. I'm delighted. For some people, I know that's not at all impressive, but for me it's like breaking the sound barrier! One of my goals in June was to run a sub-9:00 mile. And I was three measly seconds away from running TWO sub-8:00 miles in one workout!!

I scrolled through the entire training plan for the HM last night. The goal pace is 9:22 for a 2:02:49 time. Now, my primary goal is just to finish the run, but that's sooooo close to a sub-2 hour time. So my "out there" goal is just that. I want to finish this thing in under 2 hours.


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