My head is having a rough time of it these days! First was the incident over Labor Day weekend when Daniel kicked a volleyball right into my face (accidentally), cutting my face with my sunglasses. Well, the scar from that is fading, but now I have new damage with which to contend.

Nathan mowed the grass last night and threw the dog's tether into a tree so he didn't mow over it. Fast forward to this morning, still dark, as I walk outside holding the dog by his collar. I discover that the tether is up in the tree and yank on the line to pull it down. Well, it must have been draped over a few branches, because when I pulled, it swung free of one branch but hung, like a pendulum, over another...and right into my forehead. The metal part that you hook to the collar hit me right in the middle of my forehead. D'oh!!

It hurt SO much, and I immediately got a great big lump. If I colored it red, I'd look like one of those Indian women who put the red spot on their forehead. As much as it hurt, though, I thank God that it hit my (admittedly hard) forehead and not my eye or teeth. Ugh. As it is, I can laugh at myself and get a kick out of telling the story...and I've brought quite a bit of amusement to my friends. Glad to help. Really. :D


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