Soccer fun (or, the men in my life have big mouths)


Jacob had a 6:00 soccer game tonight.  Somehow we managed to get home from work, cook and eat supper (only because it was eggs), and get to the game on time.  Like, one minute to spare.  And we're the coaches...pat us on the back.  haha.

The very best part was that I not only had time to cook omelets for the family (well, technically for just Jeff and I because Jacob likes his eggs friend and Daniel and Nathan weren't home yet, but still...); I also had time to run a load of laundry.  Yea me!  I had just put all the colors into the washer and heard it kick in when Jeff asked something about Jacob's soccer clothes.


5 minutes before we leave the house, and I have just put Jacob's soccer shirt into the wash.  Turns out it takes more than 5 minutes for a soaked t-shirt to get even remotely dry in the dryer.  So I held it out the window of the car as we drove.  Jeff kept making helpful remarks like, "I can't believe you put his soccer shirt into the wash," and "Make sure you don't let go of the shirt so you don't drop it, too!"  Apparently he has never heard the song Shut Up and Drive.  :)  I mean, he's never made a mistake before?!

Jacob is no better.  No sooner did we walk up to the rest of the team than he announced how Mommy had put his shirt into the washer and it was still all wet.  Nice.  Whatever happend to the "strong, silent" type??

Otherwise, it was a fun night.  Brennan, one of the boys on the team, kept talking to Jeff and calling him "coach".  "Hey, coach, I think we've got everybody here."  "Did you see that kick, coach?"  Cute.

Our team got spanked, like 8-0.  One of our kids did kick a goal for the other team, so at least we scored once.  It wasn't pretty, though.  Our team wasn't helped by Jacob prancing around in the backfield.  Maybe it's the pink--I mean, coral--shirts, but perhaps dance lessons might have been a better choice for him...but being a ballerina is my unfulfilled dream, and I suppose I have to just let it go.  Sigh.  Haha


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