Oh, Ike!!

We're loving the hurricane residue here. Woke up this morning to torrential rains, a lake in our backyard, and no power. Could be worse, since the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Could be better, because our sump pump has no battery backup and so Jeff spent some time this morning bailing out the sump pump well just before it overflowed into our recently finished basement. Whew!

Gas prices are up to $4.49/gal for regular gas, but that's no big problem because currently there is very little regular gas available. Lol ('cause what else can you do? ). Looks like I may be carpooling this week to work.

I've very thankful that we don't live along the gulf coast. We have some minor annoyances to deal with rather than huge upheavals or life-threatening situations. It could always be worse. LOTS worse. Praise God that we have a roof over our heads, a still dry basement, and a way to work if we can't get gas later in the week. Those who were affected by the hurricane are in my prayers.


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