The week in review

It was a good one, all in all, though most likely colored right now by the fact that I'm dead on my feet (well, right now, dead in my seat). My nice, small class is slowly I knew it would. I started out with 11, two of whom missed the first several days of school due to serious medical issues (as opposed to the normal year when normally about 2 of the students miss because their parents don't want to mess with school before Labor Day). So, 9 kids. Ahhh.

Well, the two started, which was fine. All my students are sweet, which is WONDERFUL!! The last couple of years I've spent as much time managing behaviors as teaching. Well, teaching different things. Like "how to accept responsibility for your actions 101". And "Remedial Dealing with Frustration in an Appropriate (i.e., non destructive or physically harmful) Manner". And "Basics of Not Blurting Out Every Single Thought that Pops into your Head". "Intro to Turn-Taking". Ah...I could go on...

Anyway, on top of my 11 students, I am currently teaching math to two additional students, have a new student joining my class on Monday, and also on Monday am attending a meeting that will most likely result in another addition to my class. 15 students is getting up there for a special ed class, though I am blessed with two amazing aides. It'll be fine; it's just getting a little more hectic--and crowded!--in my classroom.

Jeff and I had a coach's meeting for Jacob's soccer team on Tuesday night, and we got some unfortunate news. Jacob's soccer games are at 9:00 on Saturday mornings...the exact same time as Nathan's football games. Ugh. So we'll be splitting up most Saturdays so we have parental presence at both events. We were thrilled, however, to find out that Jacob's whole team is friends from his school. He and they are soooo excited. Our team is going to be terrible, though. Only Jacob and one other little boy have ever played, and Jacob's favorite part was high-fiving the coach!! I think he touched the ball 2 or 3 times the whole "season" (6 games)...and only one of those times on purpose!! Haha. It's a blast to watch.

Oh, and Nathan broke his big toe on Monday playing volleyball with us. Lovely. The boy spends weekdays throwing his body in front of other kids on a football field and gets injured playing volleyball. Geez. The doctor said, though, that it's a very stable fracture and he can play as long as it's taped and he can tolerate the pain. So Nathan's happy.

And Daniel got two small parts in the high school's fall production of "Man of La Mancha". He's a little disappointed in that because he'd rather do the tech crew if he doesn't have a "big" part, but I'm trying to remind him that he has dues to pay.

I went out with some work friends after school today again. I'm really enjoying these Friday happy hours. Got home at about 6:10 and had to be at our high school at 6:00 (OOPS) to work the concession stand for tonight's football game. It was crazy how busy it was...and that was only with hometown fans because our opponent was from Chicago!! I'm exhausted. I'm used to standing on my feet all day at school (in heels, no less), but I guess just being able to move around makes a difference. The extra 3 1/2 hours at the game wiped me out. I'm going to sleep well tonight!!

Tomorrow will be crazy, too. Nathan has a 9:00 football game. 11:30 birthday party for my brother. 2:00 play of Daniel's. Poor dog will be on his own again!


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