IT's not a competition

I'm not competitive about my running. Or my cycling. Not really. Especially about my running because I just expect to do poorly and then can be happy with myself when I do better than the abysmal level I expect. :) Sometimes if somebody who has been slower than me starts to look like they're edging up on me, then maybe I start to get nervous. But otherwise, I'm not competitive. Not really.

And ok, when someone who has been riding less time than I have starts to really post some faster speeds, that might stress me out some. But I'm not really competitive about it.

Granted, I do kind of keep an eye on the paces and distances that my friends on facebook and daily mile are posting and start to feel a) anxious that they're logging more miles (not difficult) or b) excited that my pace is getting closer to theirs. I had to lay off daily mile a little when I started pushing to do more miles than my body was really ready with because I was trying to keep up/catch up with other people. But other than that I'm not competitive.

My brother has been running for way longer than I have. I know that he has the physical ability and the mental fortitude to kick my butt most any day. His friend S. has started running and cycling in the past couple of years and has lost about 70 pounds and is turning into a machine. They ran a 5 mile race together, and J. told me later, "I was going to tell him how bad his form was, and then I realized that his form was that bad and I was having to work to stay ahead of him. So I decided to tell him after the race." My brother isn't competitive, either.

In the light of all that, here's an excerpt from a facebook exchange the other day (my brother is the J. referred to here.)

J's status: ran 8.39 miles at 3:39 a.m. (1:18:16)

Friend reactions range from Wow! to What are you training for? to Impressive! to Go back to bed (from the above-mentioned S.)

J. responds: The dog woke me up with its snoring and I could not get back to sleep so I decided to do something worthwhile. I was able to sleep after the run.

Truthfully, I know that Kate has been running more consistently than me, and I can't bear the idea of her being faster than me. (BUT IT IS NOT A COMPETITION)

Me: It is DEFINITELY not a competition. (Until I can win it)


  1. This sounds so much like my brother and me. ;-)

    you are doing great.


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