My day in pictures

~OR...I'm too tired to come up with a coherent theme so I'm going to regale you with miscellaneous tidbits~

1. We're trying out a rather challenging young man in my classroom. Today was his first morning, and it was a reminder that my class this year, overall, is a piece of cake. But he made it the whole morning (and through an impromptu fire drill) without being kicked out. Granted, he wanted to be kicked out...but once I realized that, no way was he going anywhere.

2. If our contract negotiations don't come to a conclusion soon, I may end up with an ulcer. Every time we negotiate, the threat of a strike presses down like a pillow on my face. It's hard to breathe when I think about it too much. I love my job. Things are going well with my class. We have no savings on which to live if I wasn't working, and my husband's take home pay after insurance would pay the house payment and that's about it.

3. Reviewing your numbers can be fun!


(I wouldn't post this picture if you could see any students' faces.) We played number twister. Each student got four for each foot/hand. They had so much fun they didn't realize they were reviewing numbers 1-9. We were split into groups during our review time, and the other group was practicing counting using games on our Promethean board.

4. Tonight's supper: brown rice and beef stir fry with egg rolls. Mmm. And so quick that Jeff didn't get as much of a nap as he was hoping for. Not bad considering I bought half of the food on my way home from work.


5. I tried out runnign in a pair of shorts that Jeff bought while he was in California back in June. Adidas shorts, nothing fancy, but much looser than the spandex shorts I normally wear because they don't slide down under my stomach.

Nice view of said stomach. Bleh.

I was worried that the shorts would ride up, but they didn't. They were very comfortable while I ran along on J's bike ride. I may have to throw them into the rotation. I'm sure that property values in our neighborhood will be on the rise if I stop running in those short, tight shorts!

6. I'm working on helping J. learn to take off/stop on his bike on his own. The riding part he has down cold.


He's pretty determined that he can't learn it, but that's how he felt about riding a bike, too.

7. We ran/rode 1.7 miles in about 17:30. Taking it easy.

8. My little guy riding on his own!
We had a great ride until the end, when he first threw a fit about me trying to help him practice stopping and stepping off his pedals on his own and THEN threw a huge tantrum about going to bed. Had himself pretty worked up, all right.

9. 7 miles tomorrow morning, including a 5-mile tempo interval at 9:17. Yikes. I'm planning to get up about 4:15. Double yikes.

10. Given #9, I'm planning on being in bed by 9:00 tonight. 9:30 at latest. And the little boy is calling me, so I'd better go see what he wants.


  1. how did you run go this morning?

    I hope the contract neg. go well. DOwn here the teachers don't even have a union, so whatever the governer decides is final. It is pretty wild.

  2. Run = not pretty. But I ran the miles.

    Ew...I'd hate to have the governor deciding my pay. Especially in Illinois!


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