So...today wasn't the best day for me. I had considered running last night but ended up swimming at a friend's house with J. and staying there visiting until 11. I had considered running this morning (gorgeous morning, as it turned out! And finally cooler) but ended up getting up at 6 to spend 7 hours helping my brother load his moving van.

Because I'm a facebook junkie, the first thing I did this morning was update my status to say that I was going to help him load up. And cry.

Worked my butt off today loading, but it was fun. In between all that work, I also had to take D. school clothes shopping and to register for his senior year (how?? How is that possible??). His fees? $190. That brings the total cost of school registration for my three boys--public school registration--to $400 in 2 days. Unfortunately, I only had $361 in the bank, so I had to raid my bike fund to cover the checks. And cry.

Also with bike fund money, I paid for a new registration sticker for our camper. My aunt works at the DMV and asked about when J. was leaving. So I told her. And cried.

I came home. And cried. Laid down for a nap. And cried.

Woke up, and I'm crabby. My youngest is irritating the heck out of me and has been since I came home (crying). Could it be because he's been shoved off on whichever older brother wasn't helping with the move? Most likely.

Andyway, from all these tears, one might assume that I'm all hormonal and PMS-y. And that's a possiblity. But then I thought about an article I just saw on active.com. Are you overtraining or undereating? Well, undereating is never (sadly) an issue for me, but here are some of the symptoms of overtraining:

  • "poor performance, not just in a race, but in your regular routine" (check!)
  • "resting pulse may be higher than usual" (don't usually check this, so I don't know)
  • "you may feel tired and irritable most of the day" (double check!)
  • "you may become depressed" (check),
  • "intolerant of slight pain" (well, my knee is really bothering me and my brother brought me to tears by hitting my bad thumb with a pillow),
  • "and have trouble sleeping" (couldn't sleep Tuesday night)

"All of these are obvious signs which go along with training beyond a reasonable limit."

My training certainly isn't beyond "a reasonable limit", but maybe it's been beyond my reasonable limit. I ran 2 extra miles on Saturday (9 instead of 7). I ran almost a mile and a half extra on Monday. The past two Sundays I've ridden 36 and 47 miles in addition to my HM training. I've only been running since February, and maybe I'm just overdoing it from where I am right now.

On Saturday, I felt really good until the last 2 miles (you know, the ones I wasn't supposed to be running according to "the plan"). I have a plan; I should stick to it. I have plenty of time to train according to the plan for my HM. And I think the plan knows what it's talking about. This should actually be a rest week for me, but I switched the weeks around because next week we'll be out of town part of the week and I didn't want to be gone for a 7 mile run on Saturday during our vacation.

I feel this urgency to just go ahead and skip this rest week instead of switching them around, but my body (and my husband!) are telling me differently. I am going to run my 7 miles tomorrow. I am playing in a volleyball tournament tomorrow. And I am going to ride my bike on Sunday (but I may drop back from 53 miles...we'll see how I feel). And then I'm back on the plan. Hopefully that rest week is just what the doctor ordered!


Weird coincidence edit/addition: This morning (Saturday) I logged onto facebook and saw a friend's horoscope (same sign as me) posted. I don't believe in horoscopes, don't read mine regularly and when I do it's just for fun. But this one...wow:

In spite of the leaps and bounds you've taken over the last several
months, Aries, a slump could set in as you doubt your ability to attain your
goals. A disheartening and unexpected setback may have occurred, but
you've never let this sort of thing stop you before. Don't fall into
this trap now. Brace yourself, assess your methods, and get back into
the saddle.

Ummm...yeah. That = me right now. Weird.

Just now getting around to totalling July miles:

Bike: 105 miles

Run: 59 miles


  1. Oh you sound so much like me. I am a total sobbing, crying, emotional whore sometimes. I always blame my cycle...but I would imagine that overtraining could have a huge impact. If for nothing else- just sheer exhaustion.

    And I am SHOCKED about the cost to register kids for public school! How do people afford that?

  2. I'm always thrown when I get hit by that moodiness...and it's not typical anymore (thank you, Mirena).

    Here's how the school registration costs broke down:

    J-1st grade-$70 registration fee
    N-11th grade-$90 registration fee, $50 sports fee
    D-12th grade-$90 registration fee, $50 fee for drama, $50 fee for chamber choir.

    At least the school district limits your activity fees for $100 per kid and then we don't have to pay any extra for D. But I still have to come up with $175 for N's driver's ed class. Ulp.


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