A Tale of Three Runs

OK, there's really just nothing all that earth-shattering about any of these runs, but I did them. I have pictures. I have stats. These things must be shared.

Run 1:

Last week we were in Wisconsin on Wednesday. I was scheduled for an easy four-mile run. I ended up sleeping in that morning (ahhhh...so needed it!) and wasn't really planning to run, but then we got to the beach and saw this trail just waiting for me...

Look where I get to run today! =)

Hellooooo....how could I not run there? Thank goodness I had brought my running clothes, just in case. Once my husband and the kids were settled on the beach, I took off.

Now, I had been really looking forward to getting away from the heat and humidity in the St. Louis area, but Wisconsin was not cool while we were there! I ended up running in 90+ degree heat (still better than the 100's back home) around 1:00. What I get for not being an early bird, I guess.

There were some hills and some walking. But there were also some beautiful neighborhoods to run through (lots of fabulous homes for sale along Lake Michigan in Racine, WI...if you have lots of money!), and views like this one to enjoy...

Taken during run

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 41 min.
Pace: 10:11 (Not bad, considering I walked probably 3 times and stopped to take the above picture!)

Run 2:

I'm a teacher, and I've really been spoiled to have my summer relatively free to train when I wanted. I still had to work around my kids' schedules, but it's hardly the same as having a full day of work to interfere with my fun. :) Monday was our first official day. I had to be there at 8, and I work 40 minutes away. I didn't have to get up super early, though, because my boys didn't have school so there was no one else to get moving.

I had skipped my Saturday run (2 easy miles) and had kind of thought I'd add it to Monday's 2 easy miles; however, I couldn't get out of bed on time. So two it was. It was actually cool out! I felt pretty good.

Distance: 2 miles
Time: 17 min.
Pace: 8:31 Yea me!!!

Run 3:

I was scheduled for a 6.5 mile speedwork workout today. I had mapped out a route in my neighborhood so I didn't have to drive to the track. I went to bed at 9:00 last night, set my alarm for 4:30, and wore my running clothes to bed. It worked! When the alarm went off, I felt like I'd woken up on my own. Quick breakfast, and I was off.

The workout was a 1 mile warm up, then 3x1600 in 8:42 with 800 jogs, then 1 mile cool down.

It was so dark when I got outside. This is what it looked like during my first mile:

photo.JPG I ran in the street because it was so dark. We have some cracked and uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood, and I was afraid of tripping on the sidewalk. The road was just redone and is nice and smooth.

Mile 1 (warmup): 10:24 really felt like I was taking it easy

Mile 2 (speedwork interval 1): 8:31 success!

1/2 mile recovery jog: 5:49 had to walk to drink bc I was carrying my iPhone in my hand and didn't want to spill on it. I know...lame reason for being slow...

Mile 3 (speedwork interval 2): 8:57 ehhhh...a little slow :(

1/2 mile recovery jog: 6:10 yes, I realize the 1/2 mile took me almost as long as the mile. I was tired. And I stopped to take these pictures. I actually walked up to the church to get the sign clearly.

photo.JPG Getting lighter...photo.JPG Nice reminder.

Mile 4 (speedwork interval 3): 8:54 boooo....slow again

Mile 5.38 (cooldown jog): 15:29 Ohhh, goodness, that's embarassing. I should note that I stopped to drink and then stood still to take my pulse to check my heart rate (123, fyi). Even so, that's mighty, mighty slow. That 1.38 mile is what killed my average pace for the run.

Total run: 6.38 miles

Time: 1:04:14

Pace: 10:04

My pace for the first 5 miles was 9:44, even counting the interval slow jogs and warmup jog. Not a blistering pace, either, but better. Even so, I'm not going to feel bad. Managing to get up, eat breakfast, run 6 miles, get my kids up, shower, drop off J., and get to work on time was a huge success all on its own.


  1. i am so impressed! To get up before the sun come up to run is a win in my mind any day.

    I really need to start bringing speed work into my weekly workouts, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it. We have a park near by with a 800 meter running loop, but I always talk myself out of it. I used to run in college, division 3 I should stress. It would be a long story, but I was mostly a hot mess for a whole variety of reasons. Basically, I couldn't get past my own mind. Our coach would yell "YO!" whenever we were supposed to cross each of the 200 m marks. And I was ALWAYS behind the mark. So that "Yo" transfered on so many levels that I just was not fast enough. Well, I think i am almost at the point to laugh about it now. But, I am certain if I were to run a track workout now i would probably self inflict "yo's."

  2. I think it's easier for me in a way because I have NO running past. Ran a little to get in shape for basketball in high school and lots of laps in practice, but that's it. And I fully expect myself to do badly, so I'm always happily surprised if I do better than I expect myself to do. :)


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