This makes me laugh

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...for a couple of reasons.

First of all, "Louisiana Supreme" soy sauce? I wasn't aware that Louisiana is such a hotbed of Asian cuisine.

Second, the Big Lots sticker. I have a good friend from high school whose dad was always bringing home food from Big Lots. Gigantic, food-service sized cans of peaches (or some orange fruit, I don't remember exactly now) with writing in some foreign language.

"It was a bargain!" he'd say. We'd laugh, and they'd often refuse to eat it.

And now I'm married to that man. Obviously, not my friend's dad. But my husband has a deep love of Big Lots, Deals, and yard sales. After we complained enough, he did go out and at least buy some La Choy soy sauce...but you'll notice that his discount bottle is almost empty. was a bargain!


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