Wisconsin (Reprise)--The journey

Yes, I know it was just a month or so ago that we were in Wisconsin visiting our friends A. and K., but this past Wednesday we headed back their way. Believe it or not, though we've done quite a bit of travelling this summer, this was the first trip that all five of us were able to go on together.

Ah...the joys of kids. Before we'd even left the driveway, 16 year old N was pouting and giving everyone the silent treatment because 17 year old D got the "good seat" in the car. Yes, my high school junior and senior boys were fighting over a seat in the car. Just to make sure you have the right picture of these boys...

Nathan The Pouter Racine day 1The Gloater

And make no mistake, gloating was going on. Sigh. We were in the driveway, and I was already ready to strangle two thirds of my children. N decided on a silent treatment/hunger strike strategy and the fun was on.

At the gas station on the way out of town, J (a master of self-delusion, if there ever was one), remarks, "Pretty good trip so far!" Yes, sweetheart, the first three minutes have gone well. If you forget the fact that your brothers are making Mommy crazy.

Racine day 1
Oh, well...at least the dog was happy.

The rest of the trip was more or less without incident, other than the electrical cord for our camper dragging along behind us (luckily, it still worked!) and my husband's already documented struggles with the gas pump. We made it to our campground around 6 that evening.
We stayed at Racine County's Cliffside Park Campground. It was a nice campground. Great big sites and nice, clean facilities. There are 92 sites in the campground, and we had most of it to ourselves until Friday hit.

Cliffside park, Racine WI

Well, we had to share with the mosquitos. They were awful. Regular Off wouldn't do the trick. Even the Deep Woods Off was a little hit or miss. You really had to coat yourself, and if you didn't spray your clothes, too, the little buggers were biting through them. Not fun! We pretty much hid in our camper that first night!

A couple of notes on the campground. There are allegedly trails there (as noted in the link I posted), but there are no signs at all for trailheads. In fact, there was very little campground information posted. Wisconsin people must be more self-sufficient than us Illinois folk. :) Also, the Racine County website where you make your reservations gives directions to the campground, but the directions include a road that has been permanently closed (and appears to have been closed for over a year)! We look a little detour and found it fine, but still...


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