Wisconsin -- The beaches

This camping trip is an annual thing with our friends A. and K. I met A. at a retreat when we were in high school, and we went to college together for the first few years. I've known her since

photo.JPG <-----D.... looked like this---> ally dan That's A. holding him.

We saw a lot of each other when I lived in Rockford and she lived in the Chicago area, but after my ex and I split up and I moved back to the St. Louis area, we saw less of each other. And after she and K. had twins, we saw a lot less of each other. We were still the same kind of friends, but it was really difficult to spend any kind of time together. Even when they came to town, their kids were really shy and nervous around us, and they didn't normally stay long.

In 2006, one of us got the brilliant idea to go camping together. We did, and we all had a blast. With several days to spend together, the kids got used to us. And my boys are a lot of fun. They're great with younger kids.

Tommy, Daniel, and Gracie
Here's my D. between their T and G. on that trip.

After that, a tradition was born.

Indiana Beach 087
G, T, and J hanging out in the camper on our 2007 trip.

I think this is our fourth trip together. One of our requirements is that there has to be swimming nearby. That complicates things a little, but it's well worth it. Who doesn't love going to the beach?

We really hit the jackpot this trip. Racine and nearby Kenosha both have gorgeous beaches along Lake Michigan. Yes, the water is freaking cold, but once you lose feeling in your body get used to it, it feels great!

Still getting used to the cold.

North Beach
North Beach, in Racine

Brotherly love

Simmons Island Park, Kenosha

Lighthouse, Kenosha

photo.JPG photo.JPGphoto.JPG Jumping off the pier

Me and my honey

Me and my buddy

How long will it take to bury N?....


  1. fun! great pix as well thanks for sharing. i love wisconsin.

  2. what a nice tradition! the pictures are great.


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