I ran tonight. I had two miles scheduled and couldn't quite make it out of bed this morning. Knowing it was only two, it wasn't so hard to talk myself into that extra hour of sleep. I needed it! Turned out I also needed that run today. I was feeling pretty sleepy after lunch, and on run days seems like I have lots of energy. Of course, the night before run days I'm usually in bed by 9:30 or so, too!

I felt decent and didn't push at all. Mile 1 was 9:42.2 and mile 2 was 9:41.4. The second one really surprised me because I felt slow on that leg (and that was ok with me. I'm trying to be at peace with the slower pace my easy days call for). There wasn't anything too remarkable about the run, but oh, there were moments.

I've had my moments, days in the sun
Moments when I was second to none
Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn't do
~Emerson Drive "Moments"

I put this on Daily Mile when I logged the run, but I don't want to forget it. There were a couple of moments where it just felt right, and easy. Normally, when I run, I'm thinking the whole time. About what hurts, or how much further, or how far I've already run, or if I keep up this pace what my time will be. Or I'm making bargains with myself about getting to the next shadow. But every once in a while, I realize that I haven't been thinking, I've just been running. And everything feels right. That's where I'd like to be when I run.

During that second mile, I kept toying with run further? I could run an extra mile. I feel ok.
Then I remembered how it was last time I got competitive and started thinking more about what other people were doing than what my plan called for me to do. And I thought about the fact that I promised J. that he could go for a bike ride tomorrow, which means I'll be running along with him (and, as much as I hate whining, what sweet music it was to my ears tonight when he asked--past bedtime--if he could ride his bike and, when I said not tonight, complained "I NEVER get to ride my bike!!" I LOVE that he wants to badly enough to whine about it! :D) and thus logging mile(s) outside of the plan. So I decided that I was quitting at 2 miles and not going to worry about the people who are faster and logging more miles. I was doing what was right for me.

And then I ran an extra half mile. :D I was actually aiming for 1.38 extra, but as I ran I started thinking again that I was being stupid and turned around at .25 miles. Then, I decided to sprint the last .25 mile back. Didn't make it the whole way at a sprint and finished the last half mile in 4.25. Overall pace for the 2.5 miles was 9:31.


  1. Those "moments" are the best. Never underestimate the importance of a recovery/easy run. It is supposed to help not only the legs, but the mind as well. Like this morning, I ran a couple miles with the dog at a 12 minute pace. It was slow (the dog has to mark EVERYTHING) but I "tried" to just enjoy the quiet of the morning.

  2. My dog is sooo like that, too. And if he's not stopping every few feet to mark a tree, he's ahead of me looking back like, "What's taking you so long??"

    I wasn't trying to go fast this run, just running as it came. If I was smart, I wouldn't time myself on the easy runs...but then I wouldn't know my times. Lol

  3. I don't know how I happened upon your blog, but I do believe you are my new favorite person. I am (obviously) Kate as well. I love to read, camp and bike as well. I don't run or teach though, so we might not be complete twins. :)

    Keep up the good work! Maybe you will inspire me to attempt running again!


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