What day is it???

Oh, it's Saturday. For whatever reason, ever since yesterday I've been lost on what day of the week we're on. But Saturday it is, because I had my "long" run today. It's not my longest run ever, which was last week's 9 miler, but it was the longest run of the week. I stuck to the plan. NO extra miles. I stuck to the plan. NO extra speed.

I say that like there was any extra speed to be had. There wasn't. Slow and easy was all I had. But the goal was 7 miles at a 10:48 pace and, for the most part, I stuck to it. 6th mile was just under 10 min, and 7th mile was just over the goal pace. Everything else was under but within 30 seconds or so.

Maybe I should've skipped the run with as run down as I've been feeling. I had a nap yesterday and went to bed early, though, which helped. I also took my resting heart rate (a higher than normal resting heart rate is another symptom of overtraining). I forgot first thing this morning, but I took it after a nap today. 54, which is slightly higher than the 49 I was averaging back in April. (Haven't taken it regularly since). From that heart rate, you'd assume I'm quite the athlete. From active.com article on using heart rate monitors to improve fitness:

"The average for a woman is between 70 and 90. An adult in good shape can have an RHR in the low 60's while an unhealthy RHR can be as high as 100. A very well conditioned athlete can have an RHR in the 40's."

To which I say: Tee hee. I am no very well conditioned athlete. I am in OK shape. And, back to the topic at hand, my RHR is slightly elevated. But I'm still riding my bike tomorrow. And, apparently, playing volleyball. Which makes this a very active weekend for me. 7 mile run this morning, volleyball tournament today, 53-mile ride (maybe...I'm still toying with the 38-mile route, but I really need some seat time before the century. I know my legs can ride 100 miles; I'm not sure my butt can!) tomorrow, and then more sand volleyball. If I'm still awake at 8 tomorrow evening it'll be a miracle!

The tournament was fun. Big J (my husband), his sister KJ, my sons D and N, R (a high school girl), and I were the team. Being as Big J and KJ have played forever, KJ even at a college level for awhile, N plays club ball, and R and D have played for the high school volleyball teams (yep...I'm the weak link), you'd have thought we'd do better, but we definitely struggled.


Our first game was terrible, but we came back and creamed the other team in game 2 and won game 3. After a looooong wait, we played our second match. Again, we played badly in game 1, pulled it out in game 2, but then lost game 3.


It was a single elimination tourney, so then we were done. It was good to be playing again in the sand, and I was pleasantly surprised by how my legs felt (I was a little concerned about running this morning before we played)...but I was plenty tired when we were finished!


After the tournament, I ended up taking a nap. Lovely. For those who're keeping track, that makes two naps in two days (after my little breakdown yesterday). J watched TV. Call me mother of the year...the boy watched TV/played video games much of yesterday while I helped my brother move, sat at our volleyball tournament today, and then got to watch TV all afternoon...after which, we took him to the library for an outdoor movie! We took a friend of his and, by chance, ran into my mom, her bf, and my nephew, so we had a nice little group there. The kids were delighted to get some FREE cotton candy.

B, C, and J

They ended up with some seriously blue mouths.

Clearly, camera shy.


Saving some for later...

It was a nice time. It's always interesting to juggle groups of 3 kids. J and C were in kindergarten together last year; B is going into kindergarten this year and doesn't know C. He was a little left out, but another school friend of the older boys was there and played with him. It worked out. The movie (Planet 51) was cute enough, and now we're home and heading to bed.

Happy Sunday!


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