Faith Zone Challenge, day 2

Today's challenge, in addition to spending 30 minutes of quiet time with God, is to keep a joyful attitude despite the attitudes and actions of others. This will be challenging enough...and would really be a stretch if the school year had started! I'd better start practicing, because every moment of the school day will be an opportunity to exercise patience, watch my tongue, and do my best to remain positive despite any number of frustrating situations and people. :)

Even with being off for the summer AND the fact that the boys will all be gone for at least part of the day, I'm sure I'll encounter situations that make this challenge, well, challenging. And I'll let you know how I do.

As for the first part of the challenge, I did spend my 30 minutes with God yesterday. It was challenging just to get to start! Jacob was still napping, but just as I sat down with my Bible Jeff came home from work. I had been all set to take that time, but he was going to be leaving and I'm really making an effort to put him ahead of my wants. We talked while he got ready to leave. Once he was gone I was able to sit down with God and with a clear conscience that I hadn't pushed my husband to the side.

I started out reading the Bible and partway through felt the urge to pray. At first I thought, Just let me get to the end of this section, but then realized that God was asking me to pray and if that's what He wanted why was I still reading? So I sat up and prayed. Afterwards, I went back to my Bible for awhile and then read aloud from a book on speaking God's word aloud.

I need to work on quieting my mind and listening as well as speaking...a problem in my conversations with others as well as with God. But I also felt good that I heard and answered the call to pray. And I'm looking forward to seeing how this challenge progresses and affects me.


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