Repeat Messages

Since beginning to seek out God in an active way, I have been repeatedly amazed and amused by the way that He works in my life. Just since May, I have frequently received the same message from various sources...God's way, I guess, of making sure I "get the message".

One example, my friend who kind of jump-started this process had talked to me about hearing the "still, small voice" of God. When I finally went to his church, the exact same words came from the pastor. And later in the month, I indeed had my encounter with that "still, small voice".

Almost every time I go to that church, in fact, the pastor either emphasizes something I have been told, previews something I will hear or deal with later in the week, or addresses a significant issue in my life. Maybe I never really listened with both my ears and my heart at Mass, but I don't remember what I heard at the Catholic masses ever feeling truly relevant to my life. It's very different at this new church. Or I am. Or both.

The latest example of God's repeat messages deals with speaking His word aloud. My friend shared one of Joyce Meyer's books with me (Woman to Woman: Candid Conversations From Me to You), and in one section she talks about speaking aloud God's word that relates to what you want to happen in your life rather than complaining about the things you don't like about it. Ok, hmmm. Interesting. Then, I went to Borders looking for one of her books on prayer (something I feel like I could really improve at) and came across The Secret Power of Speaking God's Word. Hmm. The book I was looking for, however, wasn't there, so I went home and ordered it from along with a cd and, oh, what the heck, the book on speaking God's word. Hadn't gotten the shipment yet when I went to church Saturday night. In Pastor Mark's message, one of the main points was (you guessed it) speaking God's word at your problems and temptations. OK, God, I get it. Haha. Once I got the book on Monday, I started reading aloud passages that addressed issues in my life.

But, just in case I didn't get it, one more nudge...I got back to Renee Swope's blog yesterday and read her entry for Monday, July 21, titled "Praying God's Word". :)

I've got it. Loud and clear. :)


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