My Mom's 60th birthday

Had a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom today. About 6 months ago I mentioned that we should start planning it...and we actually started exactly one week ago today. That's pretty characteristic of my family. Last minute, get the picture. But, somehow, it all came off wonderfully. :) I'll recap it with pictures.

We got there early to decorate.


Guests started showing up around 4:00. I had previously made plans with Mom and was supposed to pick her up at 4:00. Naturally, I was late (but this time it was on purpose). We wanted to give the guests a chance to get there while still knowing where Mom was. And we did...she was home. Waiting for me.


When I picked her up, I was all annoyed because Daniel's ride that was supposed to pick him up from a birthday party had fallen through and now I had to go get him before Mom and I went out. When we got to the Gun Club (party site), I ran in to get Daniel and go to the bathroom. Daniel then ran out to tell Mom that she should come in because there was somebody there who remembered her from the old days at the Gun Club with Dad. Naturally, he didn't remember the name (and he wouldn't have if the person existed, either!). When she came in the door, we all yelled, "Surprise!!" And she was.

Guests included family from the my mom's family, my dad's family, and my husband's family as well as friends from work and choir. She was really touched by all of the people who came out to celebrate with her. It was nice to make a big deal of someone who has spent so much of her life taking care of and doing things for all of us. :) Here are some of the guests...

After visiting and eating, it was time to blow out the candles on her cake. That was an adventure! Here's the cake all lit up...

Mom with lit cake

Blowing out the candles...

Blowing out the candles...again

Yea!! All of them blown out. Mission accomplished.


...except when some joker puts trick candles on your cake!!!

Whew!  60 candles make a LOT of smoke!!

After blowing out the candles a few times, it got pretty smoky in the room and we opted to dunk them in a cup of water before the smoke alarms went off.


What do you do after the cake?? Presents, of course!! The family had gone in together to get her a new computer. I think she liked it. I'm not positive, though. What do you think? Haha

A computer!!  Yea!!

All in all, it was a great time. I'm glad you could join us...whether it was in person on online. :) I'll leave you with a couple of pictures, and (of course) I'll post the party pics in the website album, as well.

Mom and her party planners (me, my brothers--all but one who had to be off for the Army Reserve--and our spouses)...

Party planners extraordinaire

And Mom and her boyfriend Bob. All together now...AWWWWW!! What a cute couple!

Bob and Theresa

And, possibly my favorite picture of the brother Tom showing us how a "real man" vacuums!

Real men drink beer while they vacuum


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