Swimming with friends

Had a much-needed day with friends today. Jacob and I met some of my friends from work at a pool near where they live (40 minute drive for us, but worth every ounce of gas, even at $4.05/gal.). I like many of the people with whom I work, but this past year is the first time in 6 years at my school where I've been able to do really anything social with them. It's really, really nice. :)

The pool was great for kids, and Jacob, who is normally clinging to me like a growth on my leg, had a blast and spent half the time playing away from me. I had a wonderful time visiting, and we discussed further outings...a possible trip to a local water park, swimming at my friend's pool, a girls' winery tour before the beginning of school, and resurrecting Friday happy hours. Makes me happy just to think of it. :)


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