Faith Zone Challenge, days 4 and 5

Well, the weekends are just crazy. And it reveals to me just how little time I create for God in my life. Even with the very first step of the challenge, the 30 minutes of quiet time with God, it was much more "found" time rather than reserved time. I didn't reserve that time on Friday, and surprise, surprise...didn't end up having the time to take my 30 minutes. I did do some reading from the Bible early in the morning, but it wasn't that dedicated time for God. Saturday and today were no better.

Day 4's challenge was a very difficult one for me. We were challenged to share our faith with 3 people. Now, as I've mentioned before, I still have a hard time talking about God, the church, and my religious beliefs and feelings to very many people. I can talk comfortably with the couple I go to church with and with another friend of mine ( ex-husband's current wife), but that's about it. I have a hard time even talking about church with my husband or most of my friends. I am particularly uncomfortable with pushing my faith on anyone, which is I guess not how I should be about it. Too PC for too long...that's what a career in public education will do to you, lol.

So, there I was with the challenge in front of me. I don't think I'll ever be the kind of person who could go door to door and share my faith. I don't even typically forward religious emails to people unless they've sent that kind of thing to me. Like I said, this challenge was just that...but in my own way, I think that I at least partially fulfilled it.

Share my faith with three people. Well...

1) I chose to go to church Saturday night and possibly miss a party that I really wanted to go to. Jeff knew how important it was to me to go to the party because for the longest time I haven't had many friends to do things with socially and have really missed it. Finally, it seems like things are changing a little. I wanted to go because it would be fun AND because I don't want to be the person who never comes when they're invited so you just stop asking them. But I also didn't want to miss church because it is very important to me. So I decided that, of the two things I wanted to do, I'd choose the one that honored God rather than just what I wanted. I hope that my choice to go to church rather than to do something else I really wanted to do was a witness of my faith to my husband.

2) When I called my friend to check on when the party would end, I told her that we might not make it because it conflicted with church. I had considered not mentioning why we might miss the party because I didn't know what she would think about it. Again, I let my actions share my faith with her.

Well, that's only two. But, for me, not bad.

Today's challenge is one that I'm not ready to complete. Not because I can't do it, but because I can't.


Today's challenge is to "embrace your calling". Many times God calls us to do things we aren't sure we can do, so we make excuses to avoid doing His will. This issue of a "calling" from God or a higher purpose for ourselves is something I've wondered about, but I don't know what it is that God wants me to do. So, for me, the challenge will be to continue to pray and ask God for His guidance and for the grace to hear what He is calling me to do. And then to do it.


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