Faith Zone Challenge

I've been spending some time lately reading the Proverbs 31 blogs that you can sometimes link to from their Daily Devotions emails. Today, I came across Tracie Miles' Faith Zone Challenge. In essence, it's a 5-day challenge to help you build a closer relationship with God. This is right along with what I've been needing. With my new church, I really enjoy going to church, but I'm not so good at spending time with God or having much of a personal relationship with Him.

The first step of the challenge is to spend 30 minutes of quiet time a day with God for the next 5 days. She writes,
If you are willing, turn down the noise tomorrow morning. Get up earlier than normal for the next 5 days, find a place of solace, and spend time with your heavenly daddy. Pick a Bible chapter or use a devotional book. Breathe, slowly, deeply, using your diaphragm, focusing only on Gods word. Your body will react to this relaxation, including muscle tension fading and even blood pressure dropping. Your mind will ease too, leaving you free to hear Gods whispers. Quiet time is more than just a daily appointment with God. It's more like a visit with your closest friend. Just like a friendship cant flourish if you never spend time together, neither can our relationship with Christ. The more dedication and time we devote to our faith walk, the closer we will feel to Jesus. The closer you are, the more likely you are to hear Him speak, see Him move, and feel Him near.

So, we'll see how it goes. I actually need to go and do that right now, while Jacob is asleep.


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