Because there's more to my life than running...

Granted, you wouldn't necessarily know it from what I post, but there's plenty going on here that has nothing to do with running.  So here's a little glimpse of some other things going on lately...

Fire dept open house
Last Saturday, J's soccer game was "rained out".  It barely rained, but I guess they were expecting more.  Instead of cheering him on at soccer, we hit a few yard sales.  I found some books, including Lance Armstrong's It's Not About the Bike, which I'm reading now.  Jeff got the mother lode of sports cards, sold by some people who just wanted to get rid of them. 

Despite the fact that the cards were crazy cheap, my husband spent probably a half hour digging through the boxes.  I told him, "For that price, just buy them all and look through them later.  Just don't complain about my bike taking up room in the garage!" (A continuing annoyance for him and one of the reasons he isn't thrilled about the idea of me adding a road bike and a mountain bike to the stable.  The other reasons being money and my lack of actual mountain biking skills.)  J and I retired to the car while Jeff looked, J watching a video and me reading one of my new books. 

We always intend to go to the open house at the Fire Dept, but somehow we always miss it.  This year, J got to spray the fire hose, ride in the cab of a fire truck, and touch a jello brain (we need that mold for our Halloween party!).

My big boys had Homecoming this weekend.  This year, both of them have girlfriends who can drive (D. has his license, N doesn't, neither has a car), so it was much less driving for me than last year.  And we're plenty happy with the girls our boys have chosen to spend their time with.

Dan and Alex

D. and A. have been dating for nearly a year.  She's pretty much one of the family.  Dinners with her are always fun, as she and N. have a love/hate brother/sister type of relationship. 

Nathan and Ashley

N. and A2 are a newer couple, if "couple" is the word.  I'm not sure what their status is, but she seems very sweet and is, as you can see, adorable.  In her dress and heels, she couldn't hop up onto the railing, so N. had to lift her up there. 

The other big news around here is the upcoming Halloween party.  My husband LOVES Halloween.  The party is a huge hassle.  Get the house clean (we already know I have issues with that), plus costumes for the WHOLE family.  It's a blast once the party is actually in progress, but the preparation is enough to give me a nervous breakdown.  It's this Saturday, though, so once it's over I can relax and enjoy the rest of the fall.


  1. .... there is? More to life than actually running...? Okay I take your words for it since your post makes it clear there is.

    Soccer canceled do to rain! Yikes! When the rain comes they run ...

    Again, there I go again rain comes they RUN ... man for me Kate - there is only running. ;) Well, that my family, soccer and Monty Python.

  2. What an adorable family you have! I loved this post.

    And to Slomohusky- LOVE LOVE LOVE Monty Python.

  3. Deep Breaths Kate! I bet right now you are running- inside this time, around like a crazy person in my new club,cleaning and maybe sweetly asking everyone to pitch in?? Can't wait to hear more details....(Such a cute family!)


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