Looking ahead...

I have a couple of events on the schedule in permanent ink...

11/6/2010 Wild in the Woods 5 mile trail race -- can't wait!

11/27/2010  Great River Road 10-mile -- should be great scenery, and I finally get to run with a friend of mine.  :)

6/19-24/2011  Katy Trail bike ride.  This'll probably be my last Katy Trail tour for a while since I promised my aunt Misty that we could do a different state next year.  Or next next year.  2012. You know what I mean.

July 1-3  Mud volleyball tournament in Hannibal, MO.

And lots of ideas and dreams.  Possibilities include:

12/4/2010  Tecumseh Trail Marathon -- The trail events are really appealing to me right now.  Probably because all my pictures of my events are boring roads or boring corn fields.  Clearly, I wouldn't be doing this this year.  No way am I anywhere near trained for a marathon, let alone a trail marathon, but maybe next year's....

3/26/2011  Clinton Lake Trail Run  --  10-30 mile trail run

4/10/2011  Go! St. Louis marathon or half marathon -- part of me is kind of meh about doing another race in St. Louis, but it's close and Go! Stl does a nice job on their events.  Plus, this race is exactly a year to the day from my first 5K, so it would be really cool to do my first marathon on this day.

5/1/2011  LaCrosse (WI) Fitness Festival marathon or half marathon -- very near my where my brother lives, and I love Wisconsin.  Also a bike criterium the day before.  I doubt I'll have a road bike by then, though, so I'd guess this to be a run weekend, not a bike one.  Yet.

6/12/2011  Indian/Celina Challenge -- half or full trail marathon

7/2/2011  Hannibal Cannibal 5K -- depending on our volleyball schedule

7/9/2011  Tour de Donut -- I'd like to win outright donut adjusted instead of just 2nd in my AG.

7/16/2011 Door County Triathlon -- Did I mention I love Wisconsin?  Plus, a good friend of mine will be doing the Half-Ironman version of Door County the next day and I could cheer for him.  The big minus here is that we'll have just come back from volleyball nationals in Minneapolis (hopefully...depends on how the schedule conflicts with our mud volleyball tournament) right after July 4th weekend. 

August 2011  Wood River Triathlon -- not so sure here.  It's local, but it's in mid-August.  I'd like to do an earlier triathlon, plus, we've been out of town that weekend the last few years.  Hmmm. 

September 2011  Berryman Adventure Race -- My brother and I are planning to do this one, which means I need to start working on my orienteering skills and find a mountain bike.  And, um, improve my singletrack skills. 

I'd like to find another century to round that out. 

And looking at that schedule, a) I may need to take on a second job.  And b) if it wasn't for all that, I could probably afford a new bike!


  1. Haha on the 2nd job; I ran so many races, and ones I had to fly to, in2009 and I wonder why we don't have new carpet ;). Priorities Priorities! I grew up in Davenport, Iowa and my grandmother lived in Lansing, Iowa and we'd always go to LaCrosse to go Christmas shopping, as it was the only mall within a hour's drive. Great memories and a very pretty city! Your race calendar is shaping up quite nicely :).

  2. Wish list. I imagine the running portion will
    Be significantly edited due to finances and time and finding out what exactly my body will put up with. But these all caught my eye for one reason or another, and I wanted the links somewhere.

  3. Does putting it in permanent marker make you actually do it all? Hmmmmmm. Gotta run to the store!

  4. Actually, it's the paying for it that makes ME do it...and only one of those is actually paid for. Ahhh...if only there was a sponsor market for mediocre athletes! :)

  5. Hi Kate,
    You have tons of great things to keep you motivated...look at that impressive racing schedule! Now you just need to decide what to do. I will have to look at the race in LaCrosse, WI. That is so close to where I live. We could do a bloggy meetup:)

  6. Julie...let me know if you decide you might do that one. That would definitely give me another incentive to do it!


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