Halloween Quickie

Get your minds out of the gutter.  I have a few pics to share from the party that I took on my phone.  The others are uploading to Flickr.  I have to leave for tomorrow's race at 6:15, I still don't have a costume for tomorrow, and I'm too tired to wait and sort through them all.  So here are a few...

Mood lighting:



On the menu:

Finger food  Finger foods

Brain food  Brain food


Sister-in-law and her family.
Funny thing: we wonder every year if this is going to be the year that we come as the same thing as these guys.  (And while there's no formal contest, we'd "lose".)  This was almost the year.  We really toyed with doing Alice in Wonderland characters but opted for a different theme.

Sister-in-law 2 and her family:

Ummm...pretty similar in theme to us this year.  And yeah, I'd say we lose.  Well, Jeff and I.  Our boys' costumes turned out pretty well.

My family:

Got the dreaded question again this year from some of the kids in the family: "Who are you?"  Two years in a row, in fact, because last year they didn't know who the Addams family was!  When I told my niece I was Cyndi Lauper, then she asked, "Who's that?"  Sigh.  I'm old. 

Obviously, A. and D. went with a different theme.  In case you haven't seen it (I haven't), they're characters from Sweeney Todd.

Tomorrow I'll bore you with more pictures from the party and talk about the costumes.  And a race report and hopefully a new 10K PR.  Yep...it's your lucky day!


  1. GREAT job! I love how the costumes turned out!

  2. I love your halloween stuff. We dont really do Halloween over here, it has become more popular but only by a few. It is mostly local kids trick or treating, or rather treating as none of them ever have tricks prepared apart from maybe putting a brick through your window. Being the grumpy old man I am now I have passed 30 I dont answer the door.


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