Repeat after me: I'm too smart to do that. (I'm too smart to do that.)

Soooo...Tuesday night I posted about my capitulation to battle against inertia.  And that little self pep talk worked.  Wednesday morning I got up when my alarm went off* and ran.  Well, sort of. 

I ran about a mile, none of which felt great, but I'm used to that.  The first mile was supposed to be a warmup, so any time I felt like I was going "fast", I slowed down.  Still, by the time I got to the end of the mile, my left knee hurt.  Not hurt like a little achy, but hurt.  Normally, it's sore after a run.  At the 10K it started aching during first couple of miles and was sore the rest of the time, but this was different.  So, I stopped running and walked most of the back (with the dog periodically looking at me as if to say, What's the holdup?  Let's go, lady!).

I'm off this morning for a doctor's appt, so my plan had been to go run some local trails.  I can walk up and down stairs without wincing, but my knee is still sore.  I realllly want to go run.  I'm not going to, though.  I'm going to give it another day or two off and see how it feels then.  Because I'm too smart to run on it when it's hurt (I'm trying to convince myself of this fact by continuing to say it.) running today.  Kind of ironic.  I finally get my motivation back, and now I can't run.  Grrr.  But if I can't run, at least I can take my bike out, right?  Uhhh, no.  Our garage, which hasn't housed a car in about two years since the door broke, is currently crammed full of what my husband (the hoarder "lite") would call neccessities and I would term junk stuff, inclueing the ridiculous amount of Halloween decorations we have and aren't even using right now.  To illustrate (and probably lose a few friends in the process):


The only way that bike is getting out of the garage is with a lot of cursing, a probably shoulder injury and a spike in my blood pressure.

So no bike ride, either.  I guess I'm going to go remind the people who work at the gym at our local Y that I still exist.  Because, like it or not (NOT), today I am too smart to run on this knee.  Darn it.

*My alarm actually didn't go off.  I had intended to set it for 4:50, but accidentally set it for 5:50.  Even so, I woke up at 4, wide awake, decided it was too early for a short run, went back to sleep, and woke back up at 5 to run.


  1. where is the pain exactly? - side of the knee, back of it or just on top of it? sorry though. injuries have no sense of timing.

  2. I love the spare kitchen in the garage - that has to come in handy!

  3. Hi Kate,
    Sorry to hear about your knee. This summer I had one run where the same thing happened to me. I ended up taking a few days off and everything ended up being fine. Good luck!

    Hmm, I though I was looking at my garage for a second:) I need to sort through a few things and make more room! So glad that I am not alone! Happy weekend Lady!


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