Inertia has me pinned

Its sumo-sized butt is planted right on my chest, which makes moving difficult and getting up early to run downright impossible. I'd like to get running again, and I'm tired to the point of tears. The thought of getting up at five to run...ugh, but we're back to three nights a week in St. Louis, so night runs aren't an option unless a) I want to explore an unfamiliar area alone after dark; or b) I want to run at 11:30 when we get back.

Ummm...c) none of the above.

I feel like I could use a week-long nap. And then I wonder how much of my tiredness is from not doing much? That's the trick right there...I'm tired bc I'm not running...I'm not running bc I'm tired...and so on.

I was on a roll during HM training. I was committed, I got in the runs. Getting up early sucked, but it was a habit..,and, truthfully, not as bad as I thought once I was actually up. Now, I'm in a laziness relapse.

I know the cure, though. Commit to getting up. Say I'm getting up. Sleep in my running clothes. Set the alarm. And avoid that snooze button like the plague. ONE morning...that's all it'll take. I registered yesterday for a 10-mile run on November 27. I've got a 5-mile trail run planned for Nov. 6. I've got a training plan. Now all I have to do is follow through--once--and let inertia do the rest.

Unless acted upon by an outside force (c'mon, willpower!!) a resting body tends to remain at rest; a moving body tends to remain in motion. Time to get moving!!


  1. I know the feeling. Once I get up and get moving I feel pretty good about getting it done. Getting out of bed is a different story. I failed this morning and did my run this evening. That pushed the evening bike until morning (hopefully).

    Get out there and get it done tomorrow. Your competitors are. Ok, maybe not if you are competing against yourself like I am :-)

  2. Good luck!!

    I know the feeling too. I used to run in the mornings and then my husband's job got moved to a 6 am start and he leaves at 5:15...well I can't leave the 21 month old at home alone so no more working out in the AM...and at night I'm just so exhausted!

    I hope you get those runs in! Signing up for the races is the first step. Then you feel like you HAVE to run! :) Good luck again!

  3. or it could be your body saying it needs a break. it happens. i have gone through phases like this. for me it usually hits late june and most of july when it starts hitting 110 out here!

  4. This is a great post!! Totally loved it. You will get going again, you know you will!!! :)

  5. I have totally felt that way this week. I have been volunteering to teach a class to high school drop outs at night this week. Add to it that the husband is back on the day he leaves at 5:30 am instead of getting home them. No way am I am getting up at 4 am. It can be such a challenge sometimes to just find that alone time.

    When I try to get up in the morning I always try to tell myself this- I sometimes regret getting the extra sleep, but I never regret getting up and running.

  6. Just go for a run, Kate! This is such a beautiful time of year and the weather is perfect for a run! You've got the training plan and you are registered for a race, ... you just need the "body in motion" part! :)


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