I ran!

I didn't run so far away, but I did actually complete my entire scheduled workout, for the first time since the Skippo.  My body, it turns out, isn't a fan of running 2 half marathons a week apart.  I think maybe we're rounding the curve, though.

It's been hard not being able to run.   I've stressed about losing the vague level of fitness I've been working for since February.  The timing (right around Halloween) sucks, for sure.  I can feel my butt getting bigger.  I did manage an abbreviated run on Saturday...made it 3.5 miles without any major knee pain...but every time I'd start to think about running after that my knee would start to hurt.  You know those times when every time you start to speak the other person interrupts you?  That was me and my knee. 

Maybe I should go for a ru--[sharp pain]

Today would be a GREAT day to hit the trai-- [twinge]

Ooh, there's the alarm...I'm going to get up and fit in a couple of mi-- [ache]

Whatever, knee.  So I gave it a little break, hoping that would be enough to shut it up.  And yesterday when I put on my yoga pants (I haven't been to yoga in a year, but I do love the pants) and they were tight...well, I was done placating the knee.  I set the alarm, told myself I was getting up and running 5 miles, and did.

It was chilly this morning.  About 45 when I left the house.  I got to wear my new running tights and made sure to wear a hat; I HATE when my ears get cold.  It hurts!  The plan called for 1 mile w/u, 2x1600 in 8:19 with 800 jogs, 1 mile cool down.  Now, being as I've barely run in almost two weeks, I was eyeing that 8:19 with some doubt.  The fastest mile I've ever managed was in the high 7's, and that was only one.  Oh, well, I figured.  I'll just do my best.  At least I'll be running.

Mile 1: 10:24

Mile 2: 8:27 ** BUT I had to stop partway through and tie my shoe...and I fumbled around quite a bit because I couldn't breathe and all that.  :)

1/2 mile jog:  5:32

Mile 3: 8:19  Happy dance!!

Last 1.5 miles: 17:51.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I could barely go.  I was wiped out.  I ran my cooldown on the hillier neighborhood loop, and the hill about knocked me over.  I'm sure I could've walked uphill faster!

A few notes on the run:

  • First, I should eat something before running.  I was up a little later than I needed to be this morning, so I saved time by just drinking a glass of chocolate milk.  I could really feel my body dragging on that second mile.  I felt like I would've been a little stronger with some food. 

  • Second, double knot your shoes, you moron!  How many times are you going to almost fall and/or have to stop and re-tie your shoes?

  • Third, I'm really excited about the speedwork intervals.  Usually when I run and start to get tired, I let myself slow down until I'm running comfortably (and by "comfortably" I mean at a pace where I can keep going...it never feels comfortable); during the two speedy miles, when I felt tired I pushed it a little more instead of slowing down.  As long as it took me to get my shoe tied during the first fast interval, I think I was darn close to an 8 min mile, and I managed the 8:19 on the second fast mile even though I felt myself slowing down several times.  Now, it's not a pace I can sustain yet for more than a mile, but I'm hoping to work up to (down to?) that.

  • Fourth, my knee still bothered me some, but it kept bothering me in different places, so I didn't let it stop me.  I figured it was just part of my running hypochondria rather than an actual problem.  If I listened to my body every time it didn't want to run, I'd never run...so then it drags my mind over to the dark side, too.  I wasn't limping this afternoon/evening, so I think I was right to ignore it.
I was so happy to have been able to run today! I was excited that the run went well, and I was pleased that I had run 5 miles before work.  Just an all-around good feeling that stayed with me throughout the day.


  1. Great Job! In running if your body is the enemy then your mind is a double agent, don't always trust it! Sometimes when you think you are tired and can't run anymore or can't sustain a pace, that is a trick your mind uses to help you survive life threatening situations by always leaving a little something in reserve making you think you have nothing left. When my mind tells me I have nothing left I say "Prove it".

  2. I love the part where you said you can feel your butt getting bigger. That is always my fear...I have a huge butt in proportion to the rest of my body.

    Great job on the workout! All those races surely took their toll on your body...but I think you are well on your way.

  3. Way to go!! I'm proud of you for getting up and running in this cold weather!

    PS - I LOVE reading your blog but it makes me so sad I can't be running either! :) I can't wait to start working out again! I'll live vicariously through you and join you again in the spring!

  4. Food before running - for the most part I cannot do. Maybe a Bananna, but actually now that I say that I have been eating a really good all natural yogurt call Brown Cow lately. I can eat one of those with a little granola mixed before a run.

    Shoe laces - New Balance use a lace called Sausage Laces on most there shoes. They are designed to never come untied. They work. Which is important during races, with people right behind ya! Yikes! I am not sure if you can buy sausage laces seperate? Yet here I go talking about food again though - sausages, yogurt I think I need some breakfast!?

    Keep Kickin!

  5. Thanks Patrick and Jenny!

    And Meg, I have to live vicariously through your pregnancy, bc I'm so done with that part of things!

    Slomo, as long as I don't eat too much, I'm fine. I have to eat right before I run because I just can't get up any earlier. Usually it's half an English muffin with peanut butter, a banana, and a glass of chocolate milk. I definitely either need to look for some different laces or (here's a thought) just double knot my shoes like I know I should! lol

  6. Congratulations!! I need you to be my fitness trainer. How do you feel about living amongst the Amish? We have hills! If I ran before work, 5miles, I would have to get up at 2am. Happy Halloween!

  7. great job getting out there in the middle of the night with all the stars out. If you want to avoid the tying shoes thing all together, get some Yankz laces. They are great.


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