Online Halloween pageant

Halloween party 2008 324BeckEye over at The Pop Eye is holding her second annual Big Wicked Online Pageant. Go.  Check it out.  Vote. 

Here's our entry.

We try to come up with a family theme each year. In 2008, it was Aladdin. My good sport of a husband shaved his head, submitted to blue body paint to match the shirt I dyed for him, and is wearing a little lock of hair attached to his head by a suction cup. The only costume we didn't make was the tiger one (and I could have). The Jasmine one is beautifully beaded. If only I had somewear it was fitting to wear a harem outfit.

Besides, you know, the bedroom.


  1. It looks like a whole new world!

  2. I love it!!! You are one talented lady!

  3. OMG!! I loved this:) My son dressed up as Aladin when he was two years old! This brings back some great memories. Happy Halloween!

  4. That's the absolute BEST idea ever! You guys look awesome!


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