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  • My left knee may make me bipolar.  Ran 3.5 hilly miles yesterday.  Some slow going, let me tell you.  My knee made me worry a little here and there but seemed to do ok.  That is, I didn't have to walk.  Yea! It's better!   Yesterday it was sore.  Now it's sore. I'm going to ice it and see how it feels in the morning.  I guess I'll take another day or two off before running on it again.  Grrr.

  • When I told my sister-in-law "We'd love to do that!" about going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show, what I really meant was "I'd love to do that."  Still, my husband stuck it out, and it was fun getting to go out with other couples and do something "grown-up" instead of something that revolves around our kids.  And I'm in the market for fishnet hose and a French maid's outfit now.  :)
  • I could live with getting 10 hours of sleep every night.  Friday night, after getting home from N's volunteering at club volleyball tryouts, I remember Jeff telling me that he was going to watch a movie and eat some popcorn.  I was alseep by the time he left to go make the popcorn.

  • I dropped nearly a pair of shoes-worth of money on two new Moving Comfort sports bras at Fleet Feet.  I normally buy mine at Target, but for the last month or so, any run of over three miles has left me with either blisters on my shoulders or rub marks from the straps.  Hopefully next month I can come up with the money for a new pair of shoes. (Mama needs a new pair of shoes!)
  • Does anyone else think it's funny that a piece of clothing meant to keep the girls from moving while I run is branded "Moving Comfort"?

  • We took J to the pumpkin farm yesterday.  It's so different with just one kid.  I mean, I have three kids, but the two older boys are so much older that in some ways J is like an only child.  So it falls to Jeff and I to play with him...and we're not always that much fun.  Case in point: yesterday.  I was not going to play tag with him on the hay bale pyramid.  At first, I thought to myself, This is why we should've had another kid! but then I saw how "well" the siblings there were getting along and realized that we just need to bring along a friend for him next year.

  • Here's the view walking out of my front door:

    • photo.JPG
      Any guesses how many times I've hit my head on the stupid thing?

    • I'm reading John Krakauer's Into Thin Air, about the disasterous 1996 season on Mt. Everest, for about the 6th time.  Great read, and every time I read it, I think again how little I would ever want to climb Everest.

    • A couple of months, realizing the only way I'm going to get a road bike any time in the near future is to win one (or steal one, but I'm partial to my house and freedom, horizontal stripes don't flatter me, and if I'm going to be anyone's b*tch, it'll be my husband's, so stealing really isn't an option at this time), I entered a contest the Terry company had on their website.  Of course, I didn't win.  You'd know if I had, because I'd be posting pictures of it like it was my new favorite child.  But now they persist in sending me their catalogs and newsletters, and I want one of everything.  Really, is that too much to ask?  I love it all.  And instead of letting me covet in peace, they continue to torment me by sending biweekly emails.  It's all too much for this girl.  On the other hand, the latest newsletter had a link to another bike giveaway, so maybe this one will be mine.  (I'd make a Lord of the Rings "my precious" reference here, but I've never actually seen the movie and would get it wrong.)  And if it's not mine, perhaps you'll win it.  Just don't say I didn't warn you.  And, uh...if you end up forming a chapter of Terry Anonymous...maybe I could stop by a meeting or two. 


    1. I actually have a scar in between my two tatas from a v-neck sports bra that I wore to run in years ago. When I got done the run, I was bleeding. You think they would test those things out.

      Hope your knee gets to feeling better. I hope it is just sore and not injured.

    2. OMG, I love that witch!! We have pumpkins and a ghost hanging on our door:) All of your trick or treaters will love walking to your door!

      Funny about your knee being bi-polar:) I could say the same thing about my GI system! Hopefully that knee of yours is on the mend:)

    3. A road bike will be hard to ride out at Berryman. I can feel your pain though the new MTB's I've been looking at are almost twice what I paid for my road bike and those are closer to the bottom of the line than the top.

    4. Love the holloween decorations :) I also bought two moving comfort bras this weekend...but, I was at a race expo, so I got a cool free long sleeve tech shirt :) which, is the main reason I bought two. Tried one today and I loved it!

      I just found your blog and I really like your writing style...also, I LOVE to read, so I like that you give us book reviews. I will definitely try and find "Into thin air" at the library


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