Going Places...

This afternoon, Wendy awarded me the "YOU'RE GOING PLACES" award. Now I'm supposed to tell you where I think I'll be in 10 years and pass this on to 10 other bloggers, so...

In 10 years I'll be 47. My oldest two will be in their late 20's, so by then I may well be a mother-in-law or even a grandmother. Wow. I'll hopefully still be molding young minds in the same school where I teach now, but by then I'd like to be National Board Certified. I hope to still be running and biking, and I think maybe by then I'll work myself up to triathlons. Most of all, by then I hope that I'm able to drag my husband and some of the kids along on a bike trip or two. It's wonderful doing it on my own, but I would be really cool to be able to share the experience with them.

And now, I'd like to nominate the following bloggers:

1. Bonnelle @ Chosen
2. Julie @24/365 Mom
3. Kelly @ Doormobile Adventures
4. RBR @ RBR
5. Slomo @ Life's Too Short Not to Run
6. Rad Runner
7. Tricia @ Endurance Isn't Only Physical
8. Grace @ Rover Divas
9. Eve @ End of Ten
10. Wendy @ Living Truth


  1. I hope to do this with my husband some day, too : )


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