The Katy Trail ride as posted on Facebook :)

June 20 (Sunday)

11:08 a.m.--Heat index of 105 today. Perfect time to bid air conditioning goodbye for a week.

1:14 p.m.--Has everything packed...with almost two hours left before I have to leave! :)

9:35 p.m.--Headed to bed. Early morning and a 38-mile ride await me!

June 21 (Monday)

6:01 a.m.--Having breakfast at the Ameristar Casino before heading west towards Marthasville.

6:47 a.m.--"Tut, tut, looks like rain. And me, without my umbrella." ~Winnie the Pooh (and Kate)

10:34 a.m.--39.9 miles, 3 hours riding, gorgeous morning, home sweet home in Marthasville, MO.

9:35 p.m.--(from my cousin) R U ok???? No post in over 10 hours!!!! We are worried.

9:42 p.m.--Laying in bed, listening to guitar, reading my book, loving the fan my new BFF Bill loaned me, and kind of hoping for storms. Forecast high of 99 tomorrow with a heat index of 105...we'll be up early to get in our 54 miles before the worst of the heat.

June 22 (Tuesday)

4:10 a.m.--Whoo least 5 hours of sleep...may be a new Katy Trail ride record for me! I need to get one of these little fans.

11:37 a.m.--50.2 miles today (54 is tomorrow, my mistake) GREAT day for a ride. We left at 5:30 this morning to beat the heat, and we pretty much did. Relaxing at our shady campsite now. :)

7:08 p.m.--In 22 years of Missouri State Parks sponsored cross-state bike rides, this was the hottest day ever. Heat index of 107, and they shut down the ride at 11:30 due to high temps (so anyone not finished had to be driven to camp).

June 23 (Wednesday)

5:14 a.m.--Up at 4:15, all packed and 5th in line for the Pancake Man! :)

8:52 a.m.--30 miles down, now waiting on a bus to take us around the flooded portion of the trail.

11:03 a.m.--38 fast miles today. Even took a turn pulling the paceline. Now we're camped at Les Bourgeois Winery in Rocheport. How perfect is that? :-)

7:43 p.m.--Watching a big storm from the winery and hoping my rain fly works.

June 24 (Thursday)

5:45 a.m.--Sent my sleeping bag home with my uncle yesterday, so naturally I woke up freezing with only a towel to keep me warm.

12:16 p.m.--Beautiful, beautiful weather. Rode 52 miles today. The only parts below my waist still on speaking terms with me are my hamstrings, but it was still an awesome ride! =)

2:43 p.m.--Going to go to the pool, soak my legs in the nice, cool water, lie in the sun, and read. Ahhhhhhh! :)

7:10 p.m.--Going to watch the Sedalia baseball team play.

10:15 p.m.--Just got to watch the space station fly over. Cool!

June 25 (Friday)

5:05 a.m.--Slept in til 5...nice! :)

10:25 a.m.--38 miles today, and now we're done. :( Looking forward to seeing my family again, but sad the ride is over. Can't wait til next year!

4:18 p.m.--We dropped off all the Columbia people, and now there are only about 11 of us on this big ol' charter bus. Kind of funny that the people going straight to St. Charles line up for 15 minutes in the sun so they could get on a bus and be crammed together for 4 hours.


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