So I'm half-heartedly starting to train for the Lewis & Clark Half-Marathon in October. I'm piggybacking on a friend's training schedule. She's supposed to run 5 miles Saturday, but since Saturday I'll (literally) be knee deep in mud, I flip-flopped training days.

I dropped Jocko at his volleyball practice and headed to Grant's Trail. Holy cow, that place was hopping tonight. Tons of cars in the parking lot, tons of cyclists and runners and walkers on the trail. And I have to say, not ONE person signalled before passing.

I truly couldn't have felt much less motivated to run tonight. Beautiful weather (low 80's) lovely evening, 90 minutes with nothing to do but wait...and nothing. But the combination of the schedule, the fact that this was my best opportunity to get in 5 miles, and the fact that I'd already said I was going to run got me going.

While my technology failed me on Sunday, today both programs worked just fine. Go figure. I assume a conversational pace means that you could hold a conversation while running at that pace, so I did my best to take it fairly easy. I did pretty well, though I did have one all-out sprint to cross a street before the light changed. After the first mile or so, I was feeling it a little more (in a good way) and knew I'd get in the 5 miles ok.

It stunk getting passed by faster runners, but I stuck to my program.

5.05 miles, 49:21

Inertia: 0


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